Holly Cartwright is a young photographer who lives in Oban on the West Coast of Scotland.

Holly and her German Shepherd Puppy (Rocky) travel extensively to capture stunning west coast images whilst always keeping an eye on the very changeable `Scottish weather. Their mission is to raise funds for the National Autistic Society, a charity very dear to Holly and her family.

So you’ve had a great time exploring the West Coast of Scotland with so many memories of the stunning scenery, jaw dropping views and incredible sunsets.

At West Coast Photography we specialise in creating canvas prints of some of the iconic views as well as atmospheric prints that capture the West Coast all year round.

Browse our artwork and select the canvas you’d like for your home, or even as a surprise gift for someone you love. 

We’re continually seeking out that next unique shot as we ourselves tour the incredible coastline. Bookmark us.

Follow Holly & Rocky as they explore the Scottish west coast and plan your West Coast adventures.
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